Often, our skin gets discoloured in places and dark spots or patches tend to appear. This skin discolouration is not only unappealing but also is a cry of your skin for help and you should treat it immediately. There are a lot of causes behind skin discolouration. If you eliminate the causes, your skin will stay safe but if you do end up getting it, we have some treatments for you.

How to Treat Skin Discolouration

There are also natural remedies that you can use to reduce the advent of dark spots and other blemishes!

1- Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a popular treatment for hair. other than that, it has many restoration properties which can also resource inside the treatment of dark spots. Aloe vera consists of polysaccharides that may sell increase of new skin cells that allows you to lower the appearance of dark spot.

There are numerous benefits of aloe vera gel to the pores and skin.

  • Aside from putting off dark spots and blemishes, it may additionally make the skin more youthful and clearer.
  • That is why aloe vera is also one of the substances in skin care merchandise like soaps and lotion.
  • It is also terrific for recovery marks.
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  1. Get an aloe vera leaf and extract the gel from it.
  2. Practice the fresh gel in your dark spots and other patches.
  3. Massage the place lightly with your finger recommendations for few minutes.
  4. Go away the aloe vera gel at the skin for as a minimum fifteen minutes earlier than rinsing your face.
  5. Repeat this remedy each day till the skin discolorations disappear.

2- Papaya

The enzymes in papaya are effective in disposing of dark spots and to even out skin tone. Papain, an enzyme in papaya is a extremely good skin exfoliants which can dispose of dead pores and skin cells. Papaya additionally has cleansing houses which could assist in casting off impurities and also defend the pores and skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun.

  1. Grate green papaya and add a few lime juice.
  2. Blend the 2 ingredients collectively and follow the combination to your dark spots.
  3. Go away it on for at least fifteen minutes earlier than washing it off.
  4. Try this treatment times a week for better results.
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