A woman’s feet say a lot about her personality. A lot of people make perceptions of people based on their feet. If you don’t take care of your feet, it reflects badly on your personality. We forget to take care of our feet in our daily grinding routine. They are part of our body that suffer most and need most care. You can get the best pedicure at home without spending big bucks.


If you are planning to have a good pedicure than you need to take care of the following things. Also if you are going to a salon then make sure you notice these things. And one more thing, it usually aches to spend bucks on feet but eventually it’s totally worth it.

Tips to a Best Pedicure at Home

1- The best pedicure which you can opt for is the creamy pumice scrub. You can choose any scrub you like from the market. But do read the reviews and the preffered skin type for that scrub.

2- Always moisturize your cuticles with a good and quality cream moisturizer. The best thing to add in that is lemon as it will help get rid of the contaminants.

Guidelines For the Pedicure

  • Take a tub of nice warm water. Check the water temperature make sure you feel the soothing feel and relaxation once you deep your feet in it.
  • Add soap salts and lemon in it.
  • Now, dip and soak your feet for good fifteen minutes.
  • Now take clean water in another tub and dip your fete in it.
  • After that you can begin the exfoliation of your feet one by one.

3- Now, coming back for the pro tips. Make sure you have a nice soothing massage of your feet as well. Do it before the final washing and cleaning of your feet.

4- Also make sure that you use soft towel for cleaning and drying your feet.