In the recent years, our planet has undergone a lot of changes and due to those, it has also suffered a lot. Due to the increasing pollution, a lot of new phenomenon are starting to occur. One such phenomenon is smog which is a mixture of smoke and fog. It isn’t hazardous because it hampers your vision but it also has implications on your health. Smog can occur any time of the year but is more common in winters. You need to protect yourself from smog and we are sharing some tips on how to do that.


Here are some very useful tips which can help anyone to protect from deadly smog in this winter. Make sure you follow them and keep yourself safe.

Keep your Body Covered

Each time you step out, make sure to cover your eyes , nostril and mouth. The infection in eyes can be lessened via carrying glasses and nose and mouth may be saved secure with the aid of the usage of a double or triple layered masks. It surely reduces our contact with harmful particulate remember within the air. Apply faiza beauty cream on your face to prevent the toxic effect of chemicals.

Avoid Going Out during Smog

Try and avoid going out at some point of early morning hours and late night time when the smog is thick. Its impact is discovered greater intense this time.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Eat veggies and fruits rich in Vitamin C. The listing consists of lemon, papaya, peas, broccoli, cauliflower and many others. Those eatables help to construct immunity and decrease the toxins taken by means of the body.

Get Air Purifier

At home and paintings vicinity, use air purifiers. even though, it’s no longer very powerful but can help to a point. This technique may be applied to particularly infants, youngsters and oldies.


Plant Trees

Trees always play a sizable function in enhancing the pleasant of air. They lessen the concentration of dangerous pollutants, easy the air and make the environment more bearable. So, plant increasingly more trees each indoors and outside.