We know that applying makeup is one of the toughest jobs to do. Particularly when it comes to the eye makeup. Mascara is a very important part of the eye makeup. In this article, we will be reviewing the Maybelline volume express falsies mascara which is waterproof well. 

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So without getting you involved in any further fake product, we have formulated this review. You can get this mascara from any well-reputed cosmetics store.

  1. Firstly coming to the appearance of it, this mascara is a purple colored cute shiny lean bottle. The brush has uniques arrangement of bristles. These bristles are arranged in such a manner that they will cater the mascara separately to each of your eyelashes.
  2. This mascara formula is super awesome because it will give the falsie like finish and in a very dramatic length and volume. Also, there will be no clumps formed in your eyes.
  3. It is totally according to the claims on the packaging. This mascara will not form any ugly clumps and it will make your eyelashes becomes nicely long and thicker.
  4. One thing which we have noticed is that although it claims to curl your lashes as well. However, it doesn’t do that too much. Therefore, you can simply use an eyelash curler. But be careful not to tug your lashes too much as it will damage the volume of mascara.
  5. Another awesome feature it has is waterproof. You can wear it for almost eight to ten hours straight. However, if you do not want this long then you can simply go for a mascara without waterproof feature in it. We recommend you not to use it regularly as the waterproof nature will make your eyelashes a bit thick and unnatural.
  6. Most of all the price is also very economical. So go get it!