We all know that fruits are really good for our health. Eating fruits regularly can do wonders for your skin and health. But, did you know you could turn fruits into scrubs and masks and use those to reap countless benefits for your skin?

These fruit scrubs and masks are tried and tested and you will thank us for these!

Fruit Masks

Fruit facial is appropriate for all pores and skin kinds, especially for touchy skin. It carries natural fruit acids and extracts that is natural and has no side results.

  • The fruit facial hydrates and moisturizes the pores and skin evidently.
  • It eliminates the dead cells and offers you an immediate glow naturally.

Fruits such as plums, oranges, and peaches contain high amounts of diet C, which offers an immediate glow for your face. Additionally, they contain antioxidants which help combat the signs of growing older.

Banana and Papaya

Papaya and banana allow doing away with the tan.


Strawberries assist cast off the blemishes and darkish spots.

Fruit Scrubs

Orange Scrub

In three teaspoon of clean orange juice, add 2 teaspoons of oats and form a paste. Scrub gently on your face with round motions. Wash off after five minutes. that is appropriate for greasy and combination skin.

Lemon Scrub

Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, honey and sugar to shape a paste. Scrub gently and keep for five minutes. This scrub is appropriate for all seasons and additionally reduces blemishes and darkish spots.

lemon and sugar pack faiza beauty cream

Papaya Scrub

In 2 teaspoon of mashed papaya pulp, upload a teaspoon of sugar granules, oats and honey. Make a paste and scrub lightly the use of circular motions. Preserve for 5 mins and wash off with water.


Watermelon Scrub

Blend ¼ cup of fresh watermelon juice with 3 teaspoons of gram flour to shape a clean paste. Scrub and maintain for three minutes earlier than rinsing with cool water. This scrub is right for all pores and skin kinds as its far hydrating and rejuvenates the skin immediately.

You could definitely make your personal facial percent at domestic. However, earlier than indulging in any of these facials, you must be aware of your skin type after which pick out the facial suitable to your pores and skin kind.