We are all guilty of hauling makeup. We love makeup and one of something is never enough. Also, we need to try different products to get to the right one. But, all this could mean that we have so much that it becomes hard to some times find things. It’s important to properly store and organize makeup.

We are going to share tips with you on how you can store and organize makeup. This way, you’ll know exactly what products you have and you can use them all instead of using just a couple that are right in front of you and wasting the others.

The principle of out of sight out of mind is true, so we will keep your makeup in sight!

Storage Organisers

First things first, you need to invest in storage organisers. They’re not expensive and they’re definitely worth the money.

You can buy one based on the quantity of makeup you have.

There are small storage organisers too and specific ones for lipsticks, nail polishes, blushes and brushes etc.

Once you have the right storage organiser with you, things will get so much easier.

Keep Things in Sight

You should get a storage organiser that ensures that you can see all your products at once. It shouldn’t hide things in the back. Every product and it’s label should be visible otherwise there’s really no point.

You can stack your lipsticks on it and then use a new one every day!

No Over Stuffing

The storage organizer should be spacious. You don’t want to stuff things in it. When you’re buying one, make sure it is big enough to accommodate your things. If it isn’t, buy a bigger one and if there isn’t a bigger one, then buy multiple of the same.

The whole point is to keep your makeup neatly organised and that won’t happen if you have to stuff things in there.