Applying fake eyelashes can be so tedious that you may want to rip out your originals. We get it. But, there are ways to make it easy.

Here are some hacks which will make applying fake eyelashes a lot easier. You can thank us later!

Let the Glue do its Work

Your glue, like all good things, needs time. The more you rush the process, the more likely it is that your eyelashes will fall off on you in the middle of the day.

Once you apply the glue to the eyelashes, let it stay there for 10-20 seconds so it can get tacky. After that, apply it to your lash line and wait for another 10-20 seconds.

false eyelashes

Get the Right Mirror

When you are applying false eye lashes, you need make sure that you can see exactly where to place it. If you put the mirror under your chin, that will allow you to view your real eyelashes at the right angle. It will help you get the false ones directly on top of the real ones and that’s all we are looking for here.

eye lash

Toggle them Up

Nowadays, you can use your false eye lashes more than once. All you have to do is make sure that your eyelashes are flexible so that they don’t ruin easy.

When you take your eyelashes off the first time, toggle them a little. This will give them some flexibility and will also allow them to bend to the natural shape of your lash line.

Say No to Mascara

If you apply a mascara to your fake eyelashes, you increase your chances of ruining them. Applying a product to the false eyelashes reduces their life and you cannot get as many wears out of them as is ideal.

Get eyelashes that are of good quality so that you don’t need to add anything extra to them!