If you’re a girl, can you even live without a manicure? Probably not. But manicures these days can be so expensive to get.
Well, don’t worry, we will teach you how to give yourself a manicure at home. It will not only be cheap but will also be super effective.

Tools to Use

Well you definitely need these tools to make sure you get the best feeling of the manicure at home.

Nail Cutter

Well nail cutter is an essential for trimming your nails. You must cut your nails accurately and trim them in the proper shape.

Cuticle Pusher And Clipper

It is very important for the manicure. This is used to push back the skin or cuticles from the nails. It also helps in removing the thing lining of skin that lies on your nail bed.

filing nails

Nail Buffer

Well every young women loves having glossy nails. It removes the dull mat look from your nails and make them shine awesomely. Soak your nails before using this buffer. Now, cleanse them and use the nail buffer. You can do manicure nail buffering once or twice a month. Otherwise it will damage your nails.

Mild Scrub

Exfoliation of the hands is very important for the scrubbing and manicure. Use your favorite scrub for exfoliation of your skin. It will moisturize your hands and make your skin smoother than ever. It makes your blood circulation of the hands proper.

home-made-scrubs faiza beauty cream

Furthermore, you can use all of these equipments and make your experience of manicures best. It will also make sure you get the desire results in no several attempts. It next articles we will discuss the exact steps which you can follow to get the best hand and feet treatment. Even better than the salons!

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