Everything beautiful requires attention, care and pampering. If you want to have beautiful feet, you are going to have to take care of them. Beautiful feet don’t just happen. They require keeping little things in mind and spoiling them like you spoil your face and skin.

These easy tips will help you take care of them.

Buy the Right Shoes

It is extremely important that you buy shoes that fit you perfectly and are comfortable. If they’re uncomfortable or don’t fit right, you will end up with blisters, corns and cracks. The first step to healthy, beautiful feet is to have shoes that make them comfortable and cause no friction with your skin when worn!

Source: Shoes of Prey

Keep your Toenails in Check

While we all love long and immaculate toenails, we need to ensure that we are not ingrowing them. An ingrown toenail can be hell for you. The best way to avoid that is regular pedicures and cutting your toenails every now and then.

If you are wearing shoes that rub against your toe nails, that’s not a good idea and you need to either shorten your nails or buy shoes that are bigger in size.

Push back cuticles and file your nails in the direction of growth so that your nails are protected and the cut edges can be sealed.

Give them a Foot Bath

If you want to pamper your feet, you best start with giving them a nice, relaxing foot bath. Avoid soaking them in water that’s too hot and use bath salts or essential oils as these will help the muscles in your feet relax as well as moisturize them.

Afterwards, thoroughly dry your feet and use a natural scrub to rid of any dead skin that’s lingering on.

Use a foot cream or some oil like almond oil to massage your feet and keep them soft.

Paint your Toenails Pretty

Toenails painted in pretty colors are everyone’s weakness. Pick your favourite color and make sure the surface of your nails is dry and free of any grease. Use a base coat to help your toenails avoid discoloration. After that, paint them in your favourite color and flaunt them however you want!